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Frequently Asked Questions about HCG


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We Connect the Patient to the Doctor
  • Medical Screening and Script Included
  • No Office Visit or Blood Work Required
  • Personal HCG Diet Coach & Medical Staff
  • Get Started Today!

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What is Included?

Real HCG Injections

Real HCG Injections

Our pharmacies follow USP 797 guidelines and further test batches of sterile injectables for potency, purity, endotoxins and sterility.
HCG Prescription

A Prescription for HCG

We have our own network of physicians in the United States. All you have to do is order, fill out medical forms, and we assign a Doctor to you.
HCG Workbook

Manual and Instructions

Advanced HCG provides an amazing workbook that outlines the entire HCG Diet Plan, as well mixing directions, injections directions, a diet planner, and more!
HCG Mixing Supplies

Mixing and Injection Supplies

When you order from Advanced HCG, you recieve a complete kit. The kit includes your Prescription HCG, Workbook, Mixing Supplies, Needles, Swabs, and simple instructions.

Getting Started is Simple!

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Pick your HCG Diet Startup Package

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Step 2

Fill our the Medical HCG Diet Forms

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Step 3

Buy HCG Injections Today

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